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2014 Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost

Driving the new 2014 Ford Fiesta in your wallet will not be a hole the size of that of the ozone layer. Issues such as fuel economy and whether your environment can be less polluted CO2 emissions, the 2014 Ford Fiesta can be put behind us. This model is focused all the attention on themselves by proving their design, new equipment and a new engine that, what little is smart. 2014 Ford Fiesta ranked among the most-fun-to-drive cars in its class today.

2014 ford fiesta side view 2

Below you will enclose some of the main features of the 1.0L EcoBoost engine, which in 2012 took the title of Engine in Europe.

ford 1.0 ecoboost engine

Type  : Inline three cylinder turbo petrol, direct fuel injection and Ti-VCT, transverse

Displacement  : cm3  999

Bore  : mm 71.9

Stroke  : mm 82.0

Compression ratio  : 10.0:1

Max power  : PS (kW) 100 (73.5)      125 (92)
at rpm    6000              6000

Max torque : Nm  170       170 (up to 200 with transient overboost)
at rpm          1400-4000                           1400-4500
Valve gear:  DOHC with 4 valves per cylinder,
twin independent variable cam timing

Cylinders: 3 in line

Cylinder head: Cast aluminium

Cylinder block: Cast iron

Camshaft drive: Low friction Belt-in-Oil with dynamic tensioner

Crankshaft: Cast iron, 6 counterweights, 4 main bearings
Engine management: Bosch MED17 with CAN-Bus and individual cylinder knock control

Fuel injection: High pressure direct fuel injection with 6 hole injectors

Emission control: Close coupled three-way catalyst system with heated  universal  oxygen sensor and catalyst monitor sensor post catalyst

Emission level: Euro Stage 5

Turbocharger: Continental low inertia turbo

Lubrication system: Electronically controlled variable displacement oil pump for improved fuel economy

System capacity with filter:litre 4.1

Cooling system: Split cooling system with 2 thermostats
Transmission: Durashift 5-speed (iB5) manual

Gear ratios:
5th         0.756
4th         0.951
3rd         1.281
2nd        1.926
1st         3.582
Reverse             3.62
FDR                     4.25

Durashift 6speed (B6) manual

Gear ratios:

                   6th         0.690

                   5th         0.821

                   4th          1.032

                   3rd          1.357

                   2nd          2.048

                   1st             3.727

                   Reverse                    3.82

                   FDR                             4.07

2014 ford fiesta grille

1.0L EcoBoost new Fiesta provides the power of 123hp per liter of engine displacement, fuel efficiency up to 20% and reduces CO2 emissions up to 15%. Besides the new engine, 2014 Ford Fiesta equipped with the latest technology and equipment which gives the driver the unimaginable experience. MyFord Touch and SYNC AppLink system supplemented with Ford’s MyKey new equipment, which Ford is another way wants to driving 2014 Ford Fiesta makes completely safe and controlled especially when it is governed young and still inexperienced drivers.

2014 ford fiesta lcd

The redesigned 2014 Fiesta features a new, sports grill. And what you definitely will not leave anyone indifferent is the exterior design of the new, provocative colors. Although classified in the small car in 2014 Fiesta equipped with a big package of equipment that will make every driver calmly in whatever conditions driving the car. Standard safety features at a high level and include:  Driver knee airbag; Dual-stage first-row airbags, Side impact airbags, Side curtain airbags; Advance Track with ESC; Four-wheel Anti-lock Braking System; LATCH; Child-safety rear locks; Improved side-impact safety capabilities; Anti-theft engine immobilizer;  Tire Pressure  Monitoring System.

2014 ford fiesta interior

We say little but smart and safe!

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