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2014 Ford Fusion

Presented in an enviable three models with different drive performance, the 2014 Ford Fusion is a family sedan that was driven fuel, hybrid or plug-in hybrid. Redesigned compared to last year’s model, the 2014 Ford Fusion won the hearts, new design various colors, improvements in the safety of passengers in the rear as well as a huge selection engines to be installed in 2014Fusion.2014 Ford Fusion badge

Although the 2014 Ford Fusion is also intended and family run, we should not fail to mention that its sporty look with a new grille in many ways reminiscent of the models of the Audi and VW or some luxury European cars, but on current models of Ford Fusion vehicles.

2014 Ford Fusion grille

The new 2014 Ford Fusion is built 1.5L EcoBoost turbocharged engine with 4 cylinders, that this vehicle offers nothing less power than the 1.6L that can be found in the last year as the Ford Fusion. This highly efficient engine gives the new Fusion 178 hp at 6,000 rpm. The vehicle has  6-speed SelectShift transmission that can be both automatic and manual, depending on the wishes of the customer. Even much larger selection options related to the engine, the new Fusion vehicle, because in addition to 1.5L engine, the following: 1.6L EcoBoost (4-cyl. 178Hp at 5,700 rpm), the 2.0L EcoBoost (4-cyl. 240hp at 5,500 rpm ), and 2.5L (4-cyl. 175hp at 6,000 rpm). Offer the Ford is versatile and when it comes to wheels 2014 Ford Fusion, because each of the models are offered other wheel diameters. For the S version of the 16 “for SE 17.5″ for Titanium 18 “. But that’s not all because the 19 “summer tire you can find the equipment packages such as: Luxury SE, SE Appearance and Titanium AWD models.

2014 Ford Fusion rear view

What course of any customer and owner of Fusion Vehicle can not leave indifferent is the knowledge that your vehicle does not pollute their environment and the fact that all materials used for upholstery and complete interior, recycled or renewable. Interior 2014 Ford Fusion equipped with all the technology and Linux systems that protect the Ford Fusion offered in previous models, but is particularly noted the improvement of the safety of passengers. In the back seat ride mostly children, whose safety is just as important as those who sit in the front, so the  Ford in Explorer vehicle ,in 2011, for the first time installed the optional inflatable rear seat belts, outboard seat belt for a third person  in three points. Now that innovation occurs in 2014 Ford Fusion model.

2014 Ford Fusion interior 2

2014 Ford Fusion is a sedan, sporty design which besides the new grill, there are innovations in the form-color exterior. The former two-tone exterior  Ginger Ale and Bordeaux Reserve was changed Dark Side and Sunset colors. 2014 Ford Fusion is not the only vehicle for Ford, which in 2014 offered these two shades as well as innovations in the exterior, and we can assume that they could become a new, distinctive character to Ford at least for this year.

2014 Ford Fusion side view

Complete standard and available equipment, all of the innovations, possibilities of combining packets in order to create a Vehicle to suit you, in 2014 Ford Fusion makes it irresistible vehicle. Ford designers and engineers team up to have tried the new Fusion build effective, compliant, family, safe and secure vehicle. To become a 2014 Ford Fusion and your pet, you will need to set aside a sum of approximately $ 22,000 which makes it relatively accessible vehicle!

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