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2014 Ford Hennessey VelociRaptor SUV

Hennessey Performance recently introduced 2014 VelociRaptor SUV as a new model of the vehicle from the class Raptor characterized by more space and more seats.

2014 ford hennessey velociraptor suv rear view

The concept of the new Raptor was created by crossing two already well-known models of vehicles: Ford Excursion and Raptor Super Crew. Combining these two concepts Ford designers will qualify us new SUV with 6 doors and the ability to drive 8 people. New rear end turn 2014 Veloci Raptor from pickup to a  SUV.

2014 ford hennessey velociraptor suv seats

The first concept VelociRaptor SUV as standard did not have a third row of seats still were not satisfied the requirements of all interested in this type of vehicle. This is were increased cargo area, but Raptors wanted those who enjoy driving more people.

2014 ford hennessey velociraptor suv bsdge

What 2014 VelociRaptor makes the monster SUV category are certainly not equipped with luxury seats and interior for enjoyment but what is under the hood of this powerful vehicle. VelociRaptor could be equipped with a supercharged 6.2L V8 engine with a a shocking 600hp and allows the SUV to reach a speed of 0-60mpf in 5.9sec.

2014 ford hennessey velociraptor suv badge 2

Equipment available in 2014 VelociRaptor, will be the Brembo brakes, new tires, bigger wheels … and VelociRaptor will be available with Armoring Package.

2014 ford hennessey velociraptor suv maxboost

Rumors that Ford anticipates production of only 20 VelociRaptor SUV year, tickle our imagination about the equipment that we provide designers with this model and all the available packages for the same. Anyone interested in running and owning this SUV can only hope that these rumors are not true and that the number of produced VelociRaptor SUV market will be much higher.

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