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2015 Mustang Concept

Never even on a car is not so much being said without clear evidence and on the basis of assumptions and guesses! Why is the 2015 Ford Mustang has attracted much attention not only in love with this car, but of all who have anything to do with cars and car industry? In order to provide answers to some of the questions we’ll be back to the beginning.

1964 1 2 Mustang

The first Ford Mustang was introduced audiences 17 . April 1964 at the New York World’s Fair. During the fifty years of its existence, this vehicle classified into “pony cars” became an instant hit which has sold in 8.5 million copies. This Mustang is not only captured the hearts of passionate fans of cars and driving, but also through its long history has taken an important place in the seventh art and in many musical hits. All this is evidence that the Mustang car galloping over fifty years in all spheres of our lives. It is assumed that the new 2015 Mustang will be presented  exactly on the fiftieth anniversary at  the New York International Auto Show next spring.

2015 Ford Evos Concept front view

Rumors that the new 2015 Mustang will be anything but a Mustang car is one of the reasons for this interest in the concept. For, according to some sources, the new 2015 Mustang will have many similarities with the Evos Concept shown in Frankfurt last fall. 2015 Mustang will keep a long nose but will be shortened rear overhang, then grill grate will be much larger and hexagonal, retain the utilitarian character mask sharks and round headlights of classic cars, the wheels are pushed to the corners giving a new Mustang European Grand Tourir profile. Some sources say that even the new 2015 Mustang line reminiscent of the Ford Fusion and the rest of the body of the vehicle taken Evos Concept. The rumors are further divided into the styling of the new Mustang, will cancel their pet to be less retro and more futuristic vehicle. Though many fear that the new Mustang will be completely different from all that have been placed in the past 50 years, we should not forget the fact that it has an attempt to replace the Mustang (in 1989. The Ford Probe) failed. So why if something is improved, modified to keep up with modern technology and performance, even before the creation of reject and condemn? Ford designers have reportedly confirmed that the new Mustang will have everything that will seem Mustang just like his predecessors.

Mustang-new logo

One of the few available facts related specifically for the new 2015 Mustang model is that the Ford Company aspires to become an international and therefore new models coming out of the factory just the company must comply with international standards. 2015 Mustang will be redesigned and developed globally to Ford could sell it to markets around the world. Due to design changes, Ford certainly hopes that the new model Mustang to attract more younger buyers who would like to own a car that drove their fathers.

2015 ford mustang concept rear view 3

2015 Mustang will be designed on a completely new platform S550, whose name is closely connected with the fact that the 5 th platform for 50 years used by the Ford Company. The new S550 platform, will replace the old S197 which will make the car smaller and lighter. As for the 2015 Mustang engines are different rumors, but most of them can be considered, if you assume that it will have a version of the 2015 Mustang more. 5.8L V8 engine that the designers put into Shelby GT-500 apparently was too much for the new Mustang, although the strength of the masculine fit the new pony. Though model Taurus SHO powered 3.5L twin-turbo Eco Boost V6, not less interesting or 2.0L and 2.3L Eco Boost four-cylinder engines, because everybody can come into play when it comes to running 2015 Mustang. Most are speculating that the new Mustang will have a turbocharged 2.3L 4-cylinder Eco Boost engine with about 330hp.

2015 Ford Mustang-clay model

Photos clay model 2015 Mustang circled the world record pace. If you believe your own eyes 2015 Mustang won’t present a virtual Evos concept as the same may notice a lot of retro style. However, Ford will give us this opportunity to provide pleasure introducing a redesigned pony car, the most radical in its class.

2015 Ford Mustang Concept front view 2

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