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Ford Monster Truck F650

Each of us must have at least one, annoyed traffic jams, he wanted to in any way out of it. People of German Geiger Cars will help you, if nothing else, freely run over everything in its path.Joking aside! This car is more natural to think of an arena than in everyday traffic. Imagine parking in the underground garage or making a day job in the city center. To cut to the chase: the Munich tuning company Geiger Cars has repeatedly stood on this site. As is well known, this house specializing in processing American cars and people from Geiger particularly proud of their processing Hummer H2.

ford f650 side view

Truck in the soul
Obviously annoyed increasing number of European processing Hummer, decided that for the umpteenth time, prove, and select a monster – Monster Truck Ford F650! This is one of the cars of the type that is currently being produced. The term “car” in this case really can not be used because the F650 even the law treats as a truck.

The real colossus
The interior is almost like sedans, but all of colossal dimensions. Compared to the production model, which has already seen years of track, Geiger looks more elegant, primarily due to the chrome radiator grille, bumpers and side sill reinforcements. Wheel trims are also “accessories” German experts. Length F650 is almost 6.5 meters, curb weight of 5.2 tons while the maximum permissible load of 7.5 tons. Wheelbase is so much in its dimensions almost can fit Hummer H2 – Hummer length is 4.8 meters and wheelbase Goliath whole 4.6 meters. Compared with him, Hummer seems like a small city car.

ford f650 rear view

Cummins under the hood
Beneath the hood placed a huge, too huge, diesel generator, which is originated also from the American continent. It’s a popular aggregate that is produced in factories of the famous manufacturers of large diesel engines – Cummins. Its volume amounts to 6.7 liters, and is distributed on six cylinders per system – one liter per cylinder! Picturesquely described in this unit cylinder is no problem to accommodate water bottles. Than in 1998. years, these units come with 24-valve technology, direct fuel injection. How to Geiger explains, in this aggregate there was room for improvement, so that the power remains unchanged. Is 320 hp at 2200 rpm and torque of 998 Nm is available from 1440 r / min. In the standard version it is possible to choose more than 30 configurations of engine and transmission, and Geiger have opted for the tried and tested version of the Allison six-speed automatic transmission from the series 3000.Through it, the power is transferred to the rear axle with a huge number of double drive wheels. 320 “horses” to broadcast the four Michelin tires, size 11.5 R 22 So many points of order in a city car probably crossed the edge of the window, while the F650 looks rather plain, not to say a little.

ford f650 interior

All of your choice
The chassis is connected to the suspension “air bubble” so that the comfort Truck, which is to say, very good. Truck genes chambers and air brake system, and people from Geiger points out that special care should be taken when “observing and” other road users. Because, do not forget that cars such as the BMW X5 or Mercedes ML, at any time, are below you!Loading luggage in the cargo area is only possible with the help of forklifts, so that if by any chance you decide to buy this car, it does not hurt to think about purchasing a forklift.

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