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Ford has seen that all of their biggest opponents make the perfect SUV so they have to do something. New 2019 Ford Expedition is their way of responding to everything. They have a way to respond to their opponents, it’s better than them. With the new expedition, we believe they can do it easily. Now, we are very happy to be among the first to tell you about this model. This review is our way to tell you how amazing new expeditions are and how you can make them your own. Look at the new expedition and you definitely want to buy an expedition.

2019 ford expedition

2019 Ford Expedition Price, Estimated, Release Date

It’s still unknown when new 2019 Ford Expedition will arrive on the streets but we know that it can’t be before May 2019. The initial price must be around $ 44,000.

2019 Ford Expedition Exterior, Shapes, Appearances

New 2019 Ford Expedition exterior is something we can say is the best we have seen for a while. We can put a new expedition in the full size SUV category but we can’t say that he is too big. It is designed to be very compatible with the size it offers. The shape is rather square but there may be new expedition secrets. With that, the edges are sharper than before which allows air to flow better around this SUV. What was seen on the new expedition was that he arrived with a large 21.0 inch wide wheel because we expected it to be bigger. This one is perfect for this type of SUV. In addition, we can see that the new expedition side is equipped with several new lines that are suitable for this type of SUV.

The front fascia was redesigned to attract more customers. The new 2019 Ford expedition has larger headlights, which, combined with the grille, are really suitable for this type of SUV. The grille is wider than before and is made entirely of chrome. Under the grille, we can see that there is a larger air vent that can make the engine cool at any time. That can improve the performance of this SUV. Both bumpers are stronger than before thanks to the use of hard steel. That is material that they have never used before. Behind the new expedition, we can see that the biggest change occurred in the rear glass. Now it’s bigger so the driver can see better what happens behind the car. Great thing to improve security.

2019 Ford Expedition Interior, Infotainment, System

The interior is a new Ford Expedition 2019 site that must be designed without error at all if they want him to become a new leader in the full-size SUV category. Looking at the first photos, the new expedition really had it all. Ford engineers have done everything they can to ensure that you are truly satisfied with the cabin you enter. Therefore, there are some very important parts in the new expedition. Most are manufactured with extra soft and durable material. It is important to say that there will be no plastic pieces in the new expedition. Ford must follow that to ensure that customers will choose it before several other similar models. The chair is fully made of leather. Only Alcantara leather is best used for chairs and for some parts on the instrument board.

Having all of that together, we are more than confident that new Ford 2019 Expedition is evolving into one of the most luxurious SUVs from the market to come. The instrument board was redesigned and made to be easier to use. Now, it will be a board instrument that is more driver oriented. In addition, Ford has activated voice control as an option for several higher trim levels. If you pay more, you will receive the best experience in a new expedition. Some of the functions installed on the new expedition are: rear view camera, parking sensor, adaptive cruise control, blind spot warning, overtaking assistance, traction control, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connection system, more airbags, tire pressure monitoring, hill assistance and will more when Ford decided to discuss it.

2019 Ford Expedition Engine, Capability, Specs

Now, Ford decides that they want to reveal more about the engine unit than all their opponents. They expect that to be their advantage among others. The first choice for new 2019 Ford Expedition is set to be a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged EcoBoost unit. This one is capable of producing 365 horses and 420 lb / ft of torque. For this machine unit, we have estimated fuel consumption and are ready for you. It is said that it will be 16/23 mpg city / highway or a little more when you push it using all-wheel drive mode. The second engine choice for the new Expedition is a 6.7 liter V8 diesel engine powered unit. 440 horsepower and 860 lb / foot as the amount of torque is the amount of power that this engine can produce. This machine is even stronger so we hope to see it available to produce better performance.

What is certain is that both of these machines, as well as some others that will appear as possible, will be paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission system that can send all the power to the two front wheels or the other four, it’s up to you to choose.

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