2019 Ford Focus Release Date

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Ford Focus only has to be one of the most popular and well-received Ford models they have produced to date. In his lifetime, he has won more than 60 prestigious awards, including thirteen times Car of the Year (for cars that have been produced for 17 years, that’s a good strike rate!).

2019 Ford Focus

2019 Ford Focus Release Date

Despite having a test donkey on a public road, new 2019 Ford Focus is far away; is expected to make a public debut at one of the larger American auto shows at the end of 2017, then achieve full production with national dealerships launched in the second quarter of 2018 as the 2019 model.

For 2019 model, Ford plans a number of significant changes, even though they haven’t officially announced anything; we have talked with industry insiders and automotive experts to get an understanding of where FoMoCo will go with the new Focus.

Simply put, Ford cannot raise prices too much, otherwise they will push themselves out of the market, and that’s what they have mastered for more than a decade. The current Ford Focus generation starts at $ 16,775, expecting inflation and technology to raise prices a little, but we will still see under $ 20,000; that’s a lot of cars for money.

2019 Ford Focus Redesign and Change

Test rats have shown us that the new model will be longer, wider and slightly lower than the current Focus generation, this is mainly because of the completely new chassis. We have no visual clues as to what the body’s work might look like, but no doubt it will have a style similar to the current model.

Therefore, we have seen the Wagon version of the spy image, and really … we don’t think it will be as popular as 2019 Ford Focus sedan (to say the least). This could be a substitute for 2019 Ford Focus hatchback in several markets.

We also know that a strange dash is on its way out, to be replaced by something similar to that at Fusion at the moment, which would be far better received.

2019 Ford Focus Specifications

Regarding the future powertrain of 2019 Ford Focus, we think that all engines will be EcoBoost brand, the base model may have a small engine with three-liter three-cylinder turbo, this will be enough for 140 BHP and 130 lb / ft of torque – not firecrackers, but quite useful to follow traffic in the city and get out on the highway.

2019 Ford Focus RS Sedan

2019 Ford Focus ST : The hot-hatched ST version is also planned to be released, but the actual release date of the car is estimated to be one year or slower than the regular version. The choice of powertrain is unknown, but we can expect the 1.5L EcoBoost engine to provide around 240HP.

2019 Ford Focus RS : If you want something with a little more excitement, pay attention to RS version with at least 280 BHP, which is also likely to be released later. Almost certainly will have an all-wheel drive system to overcome this power.

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