2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Reviews, Price, Release Date

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2019 Ford Raptor model is finally here with us after a long wait. Pickup Ranger has been away from the market for almost seven years now after manufacturers stopped production in 2011. It is now clear that the Dearborn-based carmaker is working on a new model.

2019 Ford Ranger Raptor

The truck is likely to debut at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show. Consumers will, however, have some waiting to be done for the Raptor version because it might not debut at the same time as the non-Raptor version. Its absence has allowed competitors such as Toyota and General Motors to dominate the pickup truck market.

2019 Ford Ranger Raptor will be built with strong and lightweight material

The new Ford Ranger Raptor is based on the current T6 platform, also seen on the global Ranger Truck. According to the ass test seen during the road test, the truck has been redesigned to appear more aggressive, has a lot of resemblance to its older brother, the F-150 Raptor. The front looks more resilient with a new aluminum hood that features double bumps, wide fenders, steel bumpers mounted on frames and model-specific grilles. Expect front quarter badges on the sides, front bumpers, thick skid plates and tow hooks all from the F-150 Raptor.

The rear features an aluminum tailgate to improve the aerodynamics of the truck and a high grip. The front bumper has been shaved to help raise the truck’s chin higher than potential obstacles on the road. 2019 Raptor Ranger Ford will drive 33-inch off-road tires with a diameter of 17 inches. Great body with strong and lightweight material, which increases the aerodynamic strength.

2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Interior Design

Nobody has a glimpse of what’s inside the 2019 Ford Ranger. But we expect a new steering wheel and a Ford 3 synchronization infotainment system that features an 8-inch touch screen. The new infotainment system now comes with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Amazon Alexa integration.

Among the standard features are the 4G Wi-Fi hotspot, premium audio system, heated seats and leather upholstered seats. When it comes to safety, Ford is equipped with the upcoming blind-spot Raptor monitoring system, adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking system, track assistance and track departure warning system.

2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Powertrain and Performance

It is not clear the choice of engine that Ford has planned for the upcoming Ford Ranger Raptor 2019. If Ford chooses a mini Raptor, maybe he will use the EcoBoost V-6 twin-turbocharged engine with a 2.7 liter power that drives a larger F-150. This makes 325 horsepower and 375 lb-ft of torque.

2019 Ford Version Ranger Raptor Diesel

However, if the car is used for rock crawlers, it is expected that V-6 or 4-cylinder diesel power plants are less powerful. Both powertrains will be featured in a broader range of US pickup trucks with much emphasis on shipping low rpm torque. Ford will likely offer an all-wheel and rear-wheel configuration when transmitting a choice of 6-speed or 8-speed automatic transmission.

2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Price and Release Date

The midsize pickup is the largest American F-150 Raptor for the off-road drive in the fall of this year or early 2019. It is almost impossible to price the 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor, but we guess that the starting price should be around $ 42,000.

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