2020 Ford Focus Hybrid

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2020 Ford Focus Hybrid finally arrived for the following year, after old Ford Focus went to history in April this year. Buyers, familiar with old Ford Focus, will be surprised by the information that the new model must come along with a hybrid engine under the hood. That way, we will get a small city hatchback for everyday use.

2020 Ford Focus Hybrid
2020 Ford Focus Hybrid

2020 Ford Focus Hybrid Exterior

There is no information about new things in the design of 2020 Ford Focus. We cannot see how it looks because it is represented by thick protection on spy photos. We used the similarities with the Ford Fiesta, but this time it could be much more modern. The model is definitely made of lightweight material, so the speed is much better. There shouldn’t be a lot of change on the front end, recognizable trapezoidal grid grille and great little lights on the front end. The back is rounded as before, with clear details on the trunk, such as spoilers and bumps.

2020 Ford Focus Hybrid Interior

It is difficult to predict the possibility of changes in cabin design in 2020 Ford Focus. As far as we know, manufacturers have not planned to change a lot of equipment, therefore. So, the only thing we can say so far is that they won’t change much from the old model. Expect a comfortable yet tight cabin along with great entertainment systems and equipment.

2020 Ford Focus Hybrid Engine

The manufacturer has not clearly said much about 2020 Ford Focus Hybrid engine. There should be the same 2.3 liter gasoline model as before, but this time with an optional hybrid engine. There is no information about that. We hope that it can be a lightweight hybrid version with a 48-volt electric system and integrated start-generators. The model must produce 400 horsepower and 425 pounds-foot of torque. However, we must disappoint you when the transmission has arrived. According to the manufacturer, there will only be a double clutch transmission as offered.

2020 Ford Focus Hybrid Prices

Exactly the year after the cessation of production of the old model, 2020 Ford Focus Hybrid will be on the market. It will be April 10, when the manufacturer announces that we can see it. However, the model must first be offered to the market in China, and then, perhaps at the end of 2019 year, to buyers in the US. The price may not be much higher than before, meaning around $ 20,000 dollars but hopes that the hybrid model always has a slightly higher price than others.

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