2020 Ford Mustang Europe Price

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The sixth generation of this legendary muscle car will be remembered for many things, but mostly due to the fact that the car was finally available outside of North America. In the past, this model was devoted to the domestic market. However, that did not stop Ford Mustang from becoming a global icon.

2020 Ford Mustang Europe
2020 Ford Mustang Europe

Therefore, this step is highly expected. Of course, one of the main foreign markets is Europe, so there are models with feature specifications that fit this particular market. The latest report shows that 2020 Ford Mustang Europe will not display too many changes. Rely on known styles and mechanics.

2020 Ford Mustang Europe Exterior, Interior

In terms of exterior design, there is no difference between Mustangs from around the world. The current generation has been around for five years and we have seen a mid-cycle update two years ago. This clearly shows that the current generation is getting closer to the end of the cycle of production and redesign is imminent.

Recent updates have brought many new things, especially in terms of aesthetics. There are some new things on the front, such as the headlights that are slightly sharper, new front fascia, etc. However, the overall design remains the same, so you can count on two well-known body styles in the offer – a two-door coupe and a convertible.

As we just mentioned, 2020 Ford Mustang Europe will continue with two body styles that are familiar with this offer. In both cases, you can rely on almost the same cabin layout. The overall quality of the cabin looks good, although some rivals feel more luxurious. Also, the back seat is quite tight. One of its biggest rivals, Chevy Camaro has more space in the second row. Also, it has been available in Europe for many years.

2020 Ford Mustang Europe Engine, Specification

The biggest difference between 2020 Ford Mustang Europe and US models will be in terms of engine specifications. In this part of the world, the Mustang comes with two engines offered. The basic models are equipped with the new 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder unit, which produces around 315 horsepower and 315 pounds-foot of torque.

GT version is also available, although it’s a bit inactive. So, the maximum output is around 445 hp, which is around 15 hp less than the U.S. version. Unfortunately, the high performance GT 350 and the upcoming GT 500 will not be available in this part of the world.

2020 Ford Mustang Europe Release Date, Prices

If we consider that there are no bigger changes to come, we have no reason to believe that the upcoming model will not touch the market before the final quarter of this year. The interesting thing about the European Mustang is its price, which is much higher than the U.S. version. The base model costs around $ 45,000 dollars, which is almost 20 thousand more than prices in North America.

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