New 2019 Ford Thunderbird

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Major changes will occur in the new definite 2019 Ford Thunderbird. Being part of the dying luxury luxury sports car, the Thunderbird must be as fast as fast, but also to offer great performance under the hood. All of this is expected in this model, including possible changes in engine, but none has been confirmed by the manufacturer. Everything we say in the article is our prediction, but according to information we have now.

2019 Ford Thunderbird

2019 Ford Thunderbird Exterior, Interior

It is still unclear how the manufacturer will change 2019 Ford Thunderbird from exterior. It must remain exclusivity and sportsmanship, especially in the larger grille that will be filled with modern details on the front bumper. It must remain a two door coupe with a short rounded rear end and may change the details as well as the lowered roof. To increase speed, the manufacturer will definitely lower the height of the car and improve the aerodynamic shape of the car, all of which changes the original shape of the car.

In 2019, Ford Thunderbird is expected to experience major changes. Even though the old model has been quite elegant and provides many interesting things, there must be a lot of new things in this car too. Among them is a large combination of red, dark gray and chrome, with a modern designed steering wheel and colored hands on the door. Being a sports car, Thunderbird will have a sporty designed cabin, but with an acceptable level of luxury.

2019 Ford Thunderbird Engine, Specs

Although manufacturers have not shared the strength of 2019 Ford Thunderbird engine, there is hope that a stronger engine can be found. However, the basic model can get a 2 liter 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine with 250 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque, which is the average power of the engine in the class, while there may be another, more powerful version with 300 horsepower. Any engine, it will be paired with a nine speed automatic transmission and the car must be made as a front wheel drive system, but, even it will be difficult for the manufacturer to offer an all-wheel drive system, there is an opportunity to see that option too. There is also a planned hybrid engine.

2019 Ford Thunderbird Release Date, Price

Release date 2019 Ford Thunderbird will be on the market later this year with a base price of $ 38,000. Old buyers will see an increase in prices, which presupposes a lot of changes in the design, equipment, and strength of the engine. However, it is difficult to predict which competitors will be most affected by this model, but say that some Volvo models, Ford Taurus, and Chevrolet Corvette must be feared.

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